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Tequila Tour
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During this experience we will get to know the history of our National Drink, Tequila.

On our way we will´ll be able to see the Agave Fields that were declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO and participate in the process of the Jima, the way agaves are planted. On our arrival to Tequila, we´ll visit Mundo Cuervo. This magical place has different workshops from silver, stone carved, to ceramics workshops. Sergio Bustamante, Jesus Guerrero Santos, Juan Soriano have some of their art pieces in Mundo Cuervo.

This experience continues with the visit of the oldest distillery in Latin America, La Rojeña of Jose Cuervo (entrance included). In this tour we´ll appreciate the whole process of elaborating tequila which starts in cooking the agaves, walking by the mills, the fermenting tanks and ends with distillation while sampling the different types of tequila.

At the end of the tour there will be time for lunch (not included).


Tequila with Jima
(every day)

 $ 700.00 PESOS (M.N)
2 years old and younger free
(seat not guaranteed)

3 to 11 years old $ 350.00

Hotel Camino Real Gdl 10:00
Lenght 7 1/2 hrs.

We also have private tours, available on request.
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